Escape Rooms




Escape rooms are a form of live-action entertainment in which you participate in the fun.

Depending on the narrative you choose, you might find yourself inside of a bank vault, a Pirate ship, a home or even a spacecraft. There are many narratives to choose from.

Escape rooms have gained massive traction and popularity in the United States. Since 2014, about 1,800 Escape Room facilities have opened their doors. It’s no wonder, considering how fun it is to play.

So, what’s it like? …

A game master will brief you on your mission and guide you into the room. As soon as the door closes, the timer begins counting down. You have one hour. Now you begin looking around the space for clues and items that will help you move through the game.

“I wonder what this flashlight is for?”

“Do we need to get this box open? Maybe it will have a key inside!”

Each escape room is elaborately designed by professional designers—so you’ll find a ton of realistic props and experience hidden technology.