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Edge of the Enchanted Forest


While visiting with Professor Peverell, a leader in secret antidotes and healing, he tells you an unbelievable story about the Enchanted Forest. It is a place of wonder, magic and beauty. But, the entire forest relies on one thing to survive – an ancient tree, The Tree of Eternity. The legend says that this tree is the heart of the forest and it is what makes this forest so beautiful and magical. The legend states that over the centuries, each victorious hero in the forest has carved their symbol into the tree.

Every one of these runes has given this tree extraordinary power and eternal life in the forest. Recently, a villainous witch made her way into the forest and she removed all of the magical runes from the tree in order to destroy the Enchanted Forest. Without the runes, the tree is quickly dying and along with it, the rest of the forest.

Intrigued and worried about the future of the Enchanted Forest, you volunteer to venture into the forest through a secret cabinet in Professor Peverell’s study in order to find the tree’s 10 runes and save the Enchanted Forest from destruction.

Edge of the Enchanted Forest





60 Min


Group Size

Up to 4 Adults or 2 Adults, 2 Children


Escape Rate


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